ADDDanshan Industrial Park
         Chengyang ,Qingdao china


    Honesty ---Honesty is the basic moral ethics for a person in the society. Haohao Industrial Trading pays attention to the requirement on its personnel’s loyalty on the enterprise and stresses on that personnel’s starting point to treat with individual and enterprise interests as the first standard of talent selection and cultivation. A person’s honesty can really display his or her attitude of affair solution and his or her individual characteristic, and directly influences the trust and concentration force in team cooperation. Under the enterprise culture background with internal cooperation spirit paid attention to, this is the basic ethic requirement on any personnel member of the enterprise.

    Diligence----Diligent persons can always command the way and opportunity to reach achievement. Born talent is very important, but the making of efforts after birth is the sole way to become a talent. Opportunities provided by Haphao Industrial Trading are always left for diligent and striving enterprise personnel members. Always, Haohao Industrial Trading demands a lot of diligent and striving excellent talents to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise in complex market environment. It needs a lot of personnel members that can consciously work diligently and perfectly for promoting transformation and progress of the enterprise.

    Practical----The standard of talent is combination of ethics with talent. Both ethics and talent are necessary. Haohao Industrial Trading pays attention to measurement of comprehensive personal quality and stress on the practical work spirit. If an enterprise wants to attract talents, it should display the advantages of talents in its special area, have the ability to solve problems, break through hard conditions and make innovation and development and coordinate the enterprise to reach comprehensive rising in point status.